Qualité Motel

Show premiere at Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

Text: Émilie Gagné
Pictures: Alexandre Bédard – alexandrebedard.com
Visuals: Loïc Thériault

On April 7 was held the first show from Qualité Motel following the launch of their debut album, Motel Califorña. It’s the new SATosphère in the Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT] that welcomed this multidisciplinary performance that allied, for the occasion, DJ sets and 360 º projections. This new project from the members of Misteur Valaire had previously played in some bars and small venues. Although in the SATosphère, with its spherical screen designed to recreate an immersive environment, the Qualité Motelconcept, already high in color and sound, rose to the next level and promised to be one for the ages.

About 600 fans were waiting in line outside the SAT, stumping with impatience at the idea to hear and dance to the new songs of Qualité Motel. At the doors opening, we rush to go hear FunkyFalz, who was already warming the atmosphere in the dome.

At 11 pm, the duo Beat Market takes the stage to continue hyping the crowd, with the collaboration of Zef & Santo’s projections. The fans, staring at the ceiling, stunned by this tornado of images, bounced on the futuristic Japanese electro beats while the expression on their faces doesn’t seem to deviate from ‘‘woooooooow’’!

At midnight, it’s time for the big moment. One eagerly awaits the arrival of the five DJs of Qualité Motel. And it begins with a screening of the clip for Gumshoe (Misteur Valaire feat. Béni bbq), a clip that was specifically designed to be projected into this spherical room. Therefore, we find ourselves in this kind of loft party, a party packed with people, just like the room we’re in. We are surrounded by sexy street style dancers, members of Misteur Valaire and Béni bbq, which in turn give their best. But it is us, the crowd, who are the real focus point of this clip. Real special.

And then we re-immerse in the Qualité Motel ambience. The guys come on stage, dressed in their finest clothes that makes honor to plastic bling, leopard print and neon (congratulations especially to To, with his jeans jacket and his shorts… really short).

It sets the tone for the aesthetics of the evening, which will be well supported by the work of Loïc Thériault at projections, a sort of mixture of lol internet/fluorescent Vuarnet/windows 95, nothing to make us forget we’re also here to laugh.

The music of the evening is drenched in electro-kitsch 90s’ sounds. The originial songs from Qualité Motel, Piscine/Pool (feat. Socalled), Le Qualité Motel (with Béni bbq), Diamond Feet (feat James Di Salvio), Honey Cruller (feat Luis Clavis and Mitsou), Motel Califorña (feat Grand Analog and Caracol), En Selle, Gretel (feat Yann Perreau and Elisapie Isaac) and Full of Crimes (feat Fanny Bloom), cleverly blends in the best known and most influential kitsch melodies. How can we forget Mmmbop, Achy Breaky Dance (with its unforgettable projected performer…), I’m Blue, Pump up the jam, Intergalactic, What is love, Around the world or Thunderstruck… Nobody resisted the mixture: under the dome, the place turned into a crazy dance floor for two hours non-stop. Heads pointed to the sky and arms in the air, always.